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  • Space Anaylsis

    Creates spaces in fire model with the rooms names/numbers as per Architectural Model.

    Auto Bc/Exp Spacing

    Generates either a Below Celling or an Exposed sprinkler layout by analyzing Achitectural & Structural Revit Models.

    Auto CS Spacing

    Generates Concealed space sprinkler layout by analyzing Architectural & Structural Revit Models.

    Auto Piping

    Automatically connects selected sprinklers to the nearest selected main.

    Auto Connector

    Automatically Connects pipes, fittings and sprinklers.

    Rotate Taps

    Rotate Taps if Main and Range pipes of same diameter Value.

    Tap To Tee

    Changes Tap family fitting to tee based on default Tee pipe type chosen in MicroBIM Fire settings.

    Tee To Tap

    Changes Tee family fitting to tap based on default pap pipe type chosen in MicroBIM Fire settings.

    CAD to Revit

    Converts a linked Autocad file to Revit Pipe Network, Converts Main lines to Main Pipe based on chosen Main pipe type, Converts Range Lines to Range Pipes based on Chosen Range Pipe type, converts Sprinklers blocks to sprinklers family instances, converts fittings blocks based on chosen fitting types, Recognizes diameter whether they are test , block or fixed number, Recognizes Pipe Heights wheter they are block or fixed number Recognizes Rise and Drops.

    Rotate Pipes

    Rotates Pipes along with fittings.

    Delete Pipes

    Deletes pipes between two fittings or fittings and sprinklers while keeping the piping system property connected.

    Auto Remove Couplings on SH

    Automatically removes couplings on Socket Half (SH) when connecting pipes of different sizes.

    Cut Pipes

    Cuts multiple pipes to desired lengths.

    Group Fittings

    Groups all fittings on one pipe.

    Harmonise Pipes And Fittings

    Harmonises pipes and fittings to solve the problem of disconnected elements.

    Connect Pipe to Sprinkler

    Automatically connects pipe to sprinkler.


    Automatically places correct type of Hangers based on the distance from the slab/beam.

    Pipe Sleeve

    Automatically places pipe sleeves with penetration dimensions for pipes penetrating walls and slabs.
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