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  • Pipe Fabrication Tools

    List Pipes

    Pipe fabrication properties are automatically assigned to each pipe.

    List Welded Pipes

    Lists welded pipe fabrication properties. All required pipe parameters are automatically assigned to each pipe and fitting.

    Custom made Pipe Assemblies

    Detail Pipe Offsets(dimensions) in separate views and place them in a sheet.

    Replace Parameters text

    Replace any description abbrivations for the listed paps whether it's fititng or directon description.

    Delete pipe-Fab data

    Deletes pipe fabrication properties.

    Remove MicroBIM Fire Overrides

    Pipe FAB changes colors for elements done by its tools, user use remove overrides to return the element to its initial appearance in view.

    Pipe Numbers

    Pipe Numbers tool automatically enumerates pipes after listing.

    Update Fittings Data

    Numbering Branch outlets.

    Update Spuds Parameters

    writes necessary values for Branch Outlets parameters regarding Main pipe diameter, Range Diameter , etc…

    Round-up Pipe Lengths

    Round-up Pipe Lengths tool copies Length Parameters and makes new Fake Length Parameters.

    Delete Rounded-up Pipe Lengths

    Deletes Length Parameters from Fake Lengths column.

    Collate Similar Pipe Data

    Pipe numbering utility , Unifies Pipe dummy Lengths for Pipes having same Number Two Pipes with number : M010 Having lengths 1500mm and 1505mm the tool updates both pipes to the length 1500 mm.

    Export Cutting Sheets

    Export Excel File for Cutting Sheet

    Export FAB Report

    Export Excel File for FAB Report

    Export FAB Sheets

    Export Excel File for FAB Sheet

    Export CNC Files

    Export Excel Sheet for CNC

    Revit-Excel Review

    Compare Excel File with Revit.

    Flexible Dropper Type

    Assigns Flex vendor type(Victualic or Viking) to Revit flex pipe.

    Set Pipe Start

    Define start piont of the pipe by Clicking on eihter ends of the pipe.

    Assign PE

    Assign PE for StartPap Or EndPap based on the picked end of the pipe.

    Add no listing

    Assign no listing to the mark parameter for selected pipes.

    Remove no listing

    Remove no listing from the mark parameter for selected pipes Or for all pipes in view.

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