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  • MicroBIM Fire - Full Tools

    List Pipes

    Pipe fabrication properties are automatically assigned to each pipe.

    Space Anaylsis

    Creates spaces in fire model with the rooms names/numbers as per Architectural Model.

    List Welded Pipes

    Lists welded pipe fabrication properties. All required pipe parameters are automatically assigned to each pipe and fitting.

    Auto Bc/Exp Spacing

    Generates either a Below Celling or an Exposed sprinkler layout by analyzing Achitectural & Structural Revit Models.

    Custom made Pipe Assemblies

    Detail Pipe Offsets(dimensions) in separate views and place them in a sheet.

    Auto CS Spacing

    Generates Concealed space sprinkler layout by analyzing Architectural & Structural Revit Models.

    Replace Parameters text

    Replace any description abbrivations for the listed paps whether it's fititng or directon description.

    Auto Piping

    Automatically connects selected sprinklers to the nearest selected main.

    Delete pipe-Fab data

    Deletes pipe fabrication properties.

    Auto Connector

    Connects pipes, fittings and sprinklers.

    Remove MicroBIM Fire Overrides

    Changes colors for elements done by its tools, user use remove overrides to return the element to its initial appearance in view

    Rotate Taps

    Rotate Taps if Main and Range pipes of same diameter Value.

    Pipe Numbers

    Automatically assigns pipe fabrication number.

    Tee To Tap

    Changes Tee family fitting to tap based on default pap pipe type chosen in MicroBIM Fire settings.

    Update Fittings Data

    Numbering Branch outlets.

    Tap To Tee

    Changes Tap family fitting to tee based on default Tee pipe type chosen in MicroBIM Fire settings.

    Update Spuds Parameters

    writes necessary values for Branch Outlets parameters regarding Main pipe diameter, Range Diameter , etc…

    CAD to Revit

    Converts a linked Autocad file to Revit Pipe Network, Converts Main lines to Main Pipe based on chosen Main pipe type, Converts Range Lines to Range Pipes based on Chosen Range Pipe type, converts Sprinklers blocks to sprinklers family instances, converts fittings blocks based on chosen fitting types, Recognizes diameter whether they are test , block or fixed number, Recognizes Pipe Heights wheter they are block or fixed number Recognizes Rise and Drops

    Round-up Pipe Lengths

    Round-up Pipe Lengths tool copies Length Parameters and makes new Fake Length Parameters.

    Rotate Pipes

    Rotates Pipes along with fittings.

    Delete Rounded-up Pipe Lengths

    Deletes Length Parameters from Fake Lengths column.

    Delete Pipes

    Deletes pipes between two fittings or fittings and sprinklers while keeping the piping system property connected.

    Collate Similar Pipe Data

    Pipe numbering utility , Unifies Pipe dummy Lengths for Pipes having same Number Two Pipes with number : M010 Having lengths 1500mm and 1505mm the tool updates both pipes to the length 1500 mm.

    Auto Remove Couplings on SH

    Automatically removes couplings on Socket Half (SH) when connecting pipes of different sizes.

    Export Cutting Sheets

    Export Excel File for Cutting Sheet

    Cut Pipes

    Cuts multiple pipes to desired lengths.

    Export FAB Report

    Export Excel File for FAB Report

    Group Fittings

    Groups all fittings on one pipe.

    Export FAB Sheets

    Export Excel File for FAB Sheet

    Harmonise Pipes And Fittings

    Harmonises pipes and fittings to solve the problem of disconnected elements.

    Export CNC Files

    Export Excel Sheet for CNC

    Connect Pipe to Sprinkler

    Automatically connects pipe to sprinkler.

    Revit-Excel Review

    Compare Excel File with Revit

    Flexible Dropper Type

    Assigns Flex vendor type(Victualic or Viking) to Revit flex pipe.

    CS/EXP Sprinkler Spacing Review

    Automatically dimensions the sprinkler to sprinkler and sprinkler to wall distances.


    Automatically places correct type of Hangers based on the distance from the slab/beam.

    Filter Calc.View

    Provides filtered 3D view of selected sprinklers and hydrants in operation.

    Pipe Sleeve

    Automatically places pipe sleeves with penetration dimensions for pipes penetrating walls and slabs.

    Calcs Export Heyna

    Exports hydraulic calculations to Hyena (Australian Hydraulic Calcution software) Makes clean Node Diagrams in Revit and tag nodes.

    Dropper/Riser Height

    Gives the overall length and direction of the pipe (Up or Down)

    Calcs Export FHC

    Exports hydraulic calculations to FHC (Full Hydraulic Calculations, British software) Makes clean Node Diagrams in Revit and tag nodes.

    Pipe To Structure Distance

    Automatically tags pipe Distance to structural slabs/beams. provides the useful data for installation drawings and distances to all the structural elements from center of the pipe.

    Calcs Export SHC

    Exports hydraulic calculations to SHC (Simple Hydraulic Calculations, American software) Makes clean Node Diagrams in Revit and tag nodes.

    BC Sprinkler Spacing Review

    Automatically dimensions the sprinkler to sprinkler and sprinkler to wall distances.

    Adjust Pipe Length

    Sets the pipe to required Length value.

    Slope Pipes

    Rise or Drop pipes at one end by required value.

    Delete Spaces

    Removes Selected or all spaces in view based in user pre-selection prior to running the tool.

    Set Pipe Start

    Define start piont of the pipe by Clicking on eihter ends of the pipe.

    Assign PE

    Assign PE for StartPap Or EndPap based on the picked end of the pipe.

    Add no listing

    Assign no listing to the mark parameter for selected pipes.

    Remove no listing

    Remove no listing from the mark parameter for selected pipes Or for all pipes in view.

    Turn-off All Calcs

    Turns-off all dischraging points in the project to start over a new calc.

    Full Interactive Hydraulic Calculations

    Full Interactive Hydraulic Calculations

    Stock Listing Report

    Stock Listing Report

    Job File Exporter

    Job File Exporter

    Tag by Parameters and Family

    Tag by Parameters and Family

    Stock Listing Mapper

    Stock Listing Mapper

    Color Elements by Parameter Value

    Color Elements by Parameter Value

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